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Amazing apricot Maltipoo pups available. (203) 551-9346 They are ready to leave at 13weeks old.

Mum is a very small Maltese , Dad is a red toy poodle . Both the mum and the dad are my dogs and they are here for you to see.
voice/text Cathy : (203) 551-9346

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Wonderful Maltese puppies for sale, 1 boy and 2 girls. (203) 551-9346
They are flead,wormed, microchiped, vet checked and all immunisation are up to date.

Ready to go to their forever homes NOW.
Mother is part of our family.
They are small breed! very cute and playful puppies!!!
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Precious brown Maltipoo puppies who are and will be stunning bundles of fun. (203) 551-9346 Mum who is available to meet has the most beautiful loving nature has done an amazing job helping these beautiful pups along and dad is a handsome red toy poodle and has a lovely cheeky temperament. All...

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Beautiful Maltese puppies boy and girl available for sale. 203-551-9346 . Mum is a stunning small devoted Maltese with outstanding bloodline. Sire is a stunning small 5lbs ,with a perfect teddy bear face, AKC registered
Puppies have been reared in a loving family home, no expense has been spared...

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Brown maltipoo puppies available now!! 203-551-9346
We have boys and girls available. All of our puppies are absolutely beautiful. They will weigh approx 4-5kg when they get to an adult age .They are all used to being around other dogs and are also very good with children.

They will come with t...

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I have cute Maltese puppies for sale .The parents is excellent quality of maltese ,Mother can be see with the puppies. This puppies have adoreble cute face ,and very short legs too. The puppies is ready for reserver and ready for new home. microchip, wormed,flead vet checked . for more informatio...

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Teacup Maltese puppy available for a new home 12 weeks old. fully vaccinated, wormed microchipped and Puppy pad/garden trained. They have had the best start in life and are fully socialised especially with children.

Mum and dad can be seen as are family pets.
Full AKC registered
Contact Cathy : ...

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Beautiful Apricot Maltipoo for sale.

They come from a stunning litter of red and apricot Maltipoos . These puppies are raised in a lovely and clean environment

1st & 2nd Vaccinations & microchip is done ! She’s ready for her new family today.

Vets health check available on request.
Contact Ca...

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cute Maltese puppy for sale .The parents is excellent quality of tiny Maltese ,Mother can be seen with puppies. This puppies have adoreble cute face ,and very sort legs too . amazing blood line
Contact Cathy : (203) 551-9346

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2 months ago
Great place to find a perfect maltipoo . Cathy is very knowledgeable about the puppies and purchasing process. She gave a bag of dog food, puppy pads for the ride home and a cleaning of the puppy before you take them home. They also gave shot records, Free Vet check, and a ton of other free goodies to ensure your new puppy stays healthy. They are very through with the puppies and their process it just isn’t a business transaction. They have knowledge beyond basic the service was remarkable. Trust me stop by and check them out
- Planus K
2 months ago
I bought a teacup Maltese from them 4 years ago. And this past October I just got a teacup Maltipoo. Two of the most smartest dogs I have ever seen. I highly recommend Cathys Maltese to anyone looking for a dog. Cathy is amazing very helpful and considerate
2 months ago
Purchased a loving maltipoo September 19 last year from Cathys Maltese and my baby just turned 11 months and he’s so happy and energetic... I highly recommend this place
- Carlyn E

Maltese Puppy, Teacup apricot Maltipoo

Cathy's Maltese provide families all over the US and Canada beautiful Maltese & maltipoo puppies for sale. All our maltese puppies are registered and health guaranteed.

Health Certified Background, Champion Pedigree, and Exceptional Temperaments.

Cathy Maltese is a home based hobby breeder not a Kennel or puppy mill . Our puppies are part of our daily life and live in our home with us with a petite selection of puppies for sale. Our first concern is the welfare of our babies. Our puppies are a part of our family and we handle them daily. From birth, they are introduced to children and are properly socialized for their new family to come. Before our puppies leave us, they will have a Wellness Exam with our licensed Veterinarians to ensure their health. They will be temperament tested and well on their way to house breaking. We send our puppies home with a care package including a blanket and favorite toy from home to help make their transition more comfortable.

Our puppies are raised in the home right under our feet. They will be pre-spoiled with lots of love. Our Puppies are Vet examined, current on vaccinations and dewormings and come with a year health guarantee. 

Whether choosing a purebred Maltese, or quality Maltipoo cross, our goal is that you get the puppy you dreamed of, with your only surprise being that your puppy exceeded all your expectations.

The relationship with the puppy that you have adopted is harmonious, it is essential to allow your dog to find his place in the human environment. He must adapt to your life so as not to disturb and understand that he is not dominant. For this, some educational rules must be respected.What you allow your puppy, he will reproduce If you let him get on the bench in the living room, on your bed, on all the seats of the car, if you let him jump on the legs of the people he meets, etc., he will continue as an adult and he will be too late to prevent it. In the Maltese puppy adoption this is essential.

 If you have chosen a small breed dog, the consequences will not be disastrous. On the other hand, if your dog is tall, you will encounter difficulties at all times. Imagine what a Labrador can do for example, welcoming a child or an elderly person by jumping on it.So when he does what you do not want, tell him "no" firmly and without violence or divert his attention with the help of a toy for example.

Do not let the puppy make the decisions

It's up to you to decide when to take a hug, go for a walk, get access to a particular chair, etc. But beware, "deciding" is not synonymous with relentless authority. Be open and observant: if your dog refuses to go out, to move forward, do not force him blindly. Listen to him and look for the disorder that is causing his behavior. In addition, respect your animal: walk it and feed it at regular times. He looks forward to these moments of the day, and as it depends on your goodwill, do not make him languish.

Your dog should let you examine and treat him

Except serious pain, he must trust you completely. Get used to it by manipulating it at an early age and do not forget to brush and comb it, clean your eyes, ears , teeth , and cut your nails regularly. Ask your veterinarian to explain and show you these procedures.Do not let him sleep in your room or go through the doorway first Again, be flexible: if he is sick and you need to watch him, set him up without remorse in your room but do not make it a habit, unless you really want your dog to sleep with you.Be especially careful with the front door. Before each outing or entrance, ask him to wait and go past him.

Do not tolerate the slightest provocation

A firm "no" is essential. Your puppy, for example, absolutely does not have the right to growl at you, whatever happens.If your dog grumbles after you, your relationship is badly engaged because he will soon move on to the next step: bite you. You must therefore strongly condemn this manifestation of authority.

Do not eat it just before you

Make him eat after you and never give him anything when you are at the table. If you take this habit, as soon as you go to table he will stand by your side waiting for his "due" and if it does not happen, he will begin to claim it by barking. Nothing prevents you exceptionally to make him taste a succulent crumb of your meal, but it must remain exceptional. And the crumb will be deposited in his bowl.

We have available new litter of teacup Maltese puppies both girls and boys they have been very well socialize and brought up in our family home . They have been wormed and vet checked and micro chipped. we are selling both for $800 , but can be given separately if promised the best home

Call and get 20% off today !!
more pictures available upon request just call /txt (203) 551-9346   
or email us directly ( )

Getting Ready for the Teacup Maltese Puppy

Wanting to adopt a nice little dog for the family or oneself is good. But to ask the right questions before the adoption of the animal, it's even better.Adopting a pet, a dog, is not trivial. It may not be like adopting a child . Indeed, once the adopted dog, it is more difficult to go back. And let's face it, the arrival of a dog in our life shakes up our little habits because we have one more responsibility. A dog is a living being who needs attention, it is not an object of decoration.
Here are some points to check and take into account before deciding to adopt our faithful 4-legged companion.

How Many Months Can I Buy My Puppy?

To adopt a dog, it is better to have a little patience. You can book your puppy well in advance. On the other hand, you cannot bring it back to your home after 2 or even 3 months, the time it is weaned and he does not need his mother anymore.The ideal age to adopt a pet Teacup Maltese Puppy is usually between 2 and 3 months. Beyond 4 months, the puppy starts to take his little habits and it will be more difficult for you to evolve them. 

Before The Arrival of The Puppy

There are a multitude of small details that you can tackle before having the puppy / dog at home.

Prepare To Become A Master

Your new companion is going to be dependent on you. So you have to ask the right questions and think carefully about what that entails. Indeed, having a dog requires taking into account some important points.

Can this interfere with my relationships?

These are some questions that must imperatively arise because it is difficult to separate from a dog after adoption.
Advice before adopting dog is equally important, it will be necessary to have in mind the various legal obligations and be aware that your civil liability may be incurred.Here are some questions that should be asked before adopting a puppy. There is actually more than that of course and we will try to answer it in the article in this article.

Can I risk something if my dog ​​is abused?

Your motivation does not have to be like everyone else, especially not! You must want to adopt a dog for the right reasons. Whether to give or receive attention, to go hunting, do dog shows or establish contact with an animal, a relationship of trust, the reasons are not lacking.

So we go around the pros and cons and see if the motivations are real

You must also have a lifestyle that allows you to accommodate a dog in the best conditions. If you travel constantly and are not at home , if you hate cleaning or abhor dirt, if you do not like walking , if you have very little time, better not adopt a pet. A dog needs regular and daily walks, fresh air, attention and therefore time. So analyze your lifestyle and see if it is compatible or not. When you know enough about adopting a dog and are sure of what you want, only then can you consider adopting one.

Choose the Best Puppy for Your Delight

Find the right place to acquire a Maltese puppy male that happy with its presence our lives can seem a much more complicated task than it really is, given the large amount of web and advertisements we encountered when performing a search in any browser. If we want to avoid unexpected surprises, it is best not to be fooled by those advertisements or web pages where they promise us a relatively low selling price.

The Options in Short

In short, there are places where it is fairly easy to provide our puppy with some kind of illness and possibly without giving the first routine veterinary assessments. Then where do we buy our future dog? The best place to buy a puppy with guarantees is a breeder who specializes in the breed that interests us, in this case Maltese, while avoiding multi-stock as much as possible.

If you want a good specimen, we recommend that you always choose small family farms that specialize in a particular breed. I suggest that we be guided by an impulse and devote a few days to making a list, which serves us as a guide when contacting or finding information about all breeders' existence race in our country.

After our research, with which we will select the best breeders, it is time to contact them and find out which one is closer to what we are looking for. How can we know if he is a good breeder? Many people believe that a good breeder is distinguished by the selling price of his puppies or the long genealogy of their dogs. Although genealogy has some importance, the most important thing is the environment in which the parents and brothers of the future resident of our house live. A good professional will not have any problem in showing the place where it is active, the parents of the little man who took us home and most importantly will be happy to help with any and all doubts and questions that need some to do.
Fully AKC registered

Maltese Puppies – A Perfect Breed to Pet

There are wide varieties of pets available for taming, but among them, Maltese dog is one of the most faithful. I remember a famous saying “feed a dog for three days and he will remember you for three years, feed a human for three years and he will forget you in three days”.

Dogs are indeed one of the best pets that greets everyone as a friend. With so many adorable dog breeds, it becomes tough for you to choose the right one; the one that must match your sentiment, family and easy to cuddle with it.

Maltese is one such dog breed that originated from Malta - the Central Mediterranea Area. These dogs love to be pampered and great to be included in families; however, special caution must be taken if you have small children.

As we all know that a dog is a dog; however, Maltese puppy are not violent or with a bad temper. On your first glance, you will feel happy with their milky white coat. Their nature is very friendly and they desire to be surrounded by people.

Know the Personality Traits First

It is very essential for you to know about Maltese puppy’s personality before adopting them. First thing, these types of dogs are indoor living pets and tender, clever and receptive; sometimes, it can become an unpredictable eater.
Secondly, these pet breed loves to bark and are highly agile to untried noises.

Healthy Care is a Must

Maltese Puppy Breeders are known for their long hairs; hence, you need to brush it once a day. Cleaning the hair in-front of their eyes a must or else it will bring tears stain. Well, every pet dog needs proper caring and love; hence, if you are desire to bring a new member into your family, then Maltese spaniel is the perfect choice for you.

Maltese Puppy on Sale – Adopt one to your Home <

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